Master Your Budget, Protect Your Profit Margins

According to the 2016 Global Occupier Survey from CBRE Group, Inc., average total construction costs in the U.S. have risen at an average rate of 2.3% since January 2011, accounting for a cumulative rise of 11.8%. The main factor in the rise of construction costs? The prices of materials.

Construction moves fast, and remembering to account for materials price fluctuations in your forecast or looking for ambiguous language in a contract might not be at the top of your priority list, but it could mean the difference between bringing home a paycheck or not.

You’re busy, so we’ve packaged up the five hidden hazards of budgeting your project and laid them all out for you in one eBook. Dive into this free eBook and discover the risks of budgeting your construction project so you can master your budget and bring home that paycheck.

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