The Speed of Innovation and Mastering the Art of Change

Organizational Change Management.

These are three words that can make or break your company's future. Innovation is critical to a growing business (or one that just wants to keep their doors open), but implementing change is where many companies hit the wall. If you can't hurdle the six-letter blockade that restrains most companies, your ideas, your business potential, and your company can't succeed.

Join change superheroes Dave Anderskow, President & Sr. Business Advisor, Palmer Consulting with 22 years of industry experience, and Brad Elson, Sr. Business Advisor with 12+ years of improving culture and business processes, as they walk you through how to:

  • Innovate without fear
  • Implement technology for success
  • Improve company culture to accept change
  • Understand Organizational Change Management (OCM) and why it's crucial to business success.

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