Help Wanted: How Technology is Fighting the Construction Labor Shortage

31 Million skilled tradespeople will leave the industry in 2020.

And that's not construction's biggest problem. While companies are saying goodbye to seasoned professionals who cut their teeth while on the job, the influx of talent is waning. And those who are joining up, are lacking the skills of the pros who simply can't handle the physical rigors of the job.

Are you in a position to lose out on your most talented (and knowledgeable) professionals?

Join us for a webinar with Mike Oster, President of Gemba Technologies and formerly CIO of McCarthy Building Companies, Aaron Salow, CEO and Co-Founder of XOEye Technologies, and Steve Scott Sr. VP of Facilities Solutions from The Lee Company. They will show you how technology can help you overcome the challenges of replacing, retaining, and attracting talent to your company.