Charging Technology Costs to Projects - Demystifying the Process

Get your most pressing questions answered.

As contractors embrace technology, and the amount they spend on technology increases, the question of how to properly allocate the cost has become much more prevalent.

When considering charging technology costs to projects, a few common questions and concerns come up. This webinar will feature a panel of tech leaders, who will share their perspectives and experiences tackling this topic. Here are some of the questions we'll dive into:

  • How should I manage the chargeback process? E.g., who tracks it, what's the charge called, is it listed out on the cost report or is it embedded in labor rates?
  • Will my project managers be okay with this?
  • Will this make me more expensive than my competitors?
  • Will my clients (on cost-reimbursable projects) allow me to include these costs, and how do I validate these costs to them if they object?
  • What should I actually charge to projects and what should I keep as overhead?

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