Using VDC to Win More Business

Virtual Design and Construction is more than a buzz-worthy statement, it's the reason industry leaders will be hard to catch up to.

According to innovative construction experts, while BIM is a noun, VDC is a verb. And VDC is the action behind leading companies that is revolutionizing processes and helping companies become more efficient, more effective, and safer overall. In fact, experts agree that the value VDC brings can have an immediate and positive impact on your bottom line.

Join Grant Hagen, and VDC Manager at The Beck Group, and Integrated Architecture and Construction Company as he discusses:

    • The evolution of VDC and the history of why it came to be
    • The current state and usage of VDC in our industry
    • Where we are going with VDC in the future

Listen in to become your company's local expert on VDC and learn ways to help your company implement success processes and overhaul existing ones.

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