Building a Culture of Quality and Safety - One Hard Hat at a Time

In construction, there is an ironic relationship between quality and safety, and speed and schedule. While much effort is devoted to completing projects on schedule, ensuring quality and safety often benefits from a pause for more planning that sometimes even requires that work be slowed down to avoid accidents and rework.

What signals can help a project team recognize that best path to high quality, injury- and incident-free construction calls for additional thinking, coordination and clarifications about the design? What signals can help a project team recognize when safety-critical activities should be postponed in favor of better planning, equipment, and different staff? Is research available to provide guidance for this counter-intuitive slowing of the rush to completion?

ENR's panel of experts will share their insights about the way management and safety science has evolved on this topic.

Learning Objectives - After viewing this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the 16 precursors of serious incidents and fatalities found through research, and how they can be assessed through structured field safety engagements.
  • Develop ideas on improving safety culture through quality management and effective communication.
  • Explain “technical only” risk treatment pitfalls.
  • Understand the benefits of establishing a behavioral based safety culture versus the traditional approach.

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