Going to Pot

More states are now legalizing marijuana, which presents new risks for contractors in a world where simple evidence of an employee’s cannabis use in those states no longer crosses the line. Companies are facing questions ranging from how to reshape drug-use policies and protocols—some of whose old strictures now may be unenforceable or even illegal—but also revisions to employment contracts and employee manuals.

Cannabis legalization also may bring about sweeping changes in how firms recruit, train and communicate with their workers. Legal, safety and human resources experts from contracting firms will explain how they are retooling policies to keep jobsites drug free, while avoiding potentially costly legal challenges.

The key topics of this webinar will include:

  • The possible hazards of adopting and enforcing zero-tolerance drug-use policies
  • How to implement new drug-testing policies and procedures for all employees
  • The potential impacts of stricter drug-use policies on recruiting and retention
  • Key challenges in restructuring employee manuals and training programs

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