Best Practices for Avoiding Fee Erosion and Construction Litigation

In today’s fast-paced construction industry, often inundated with risk and litigation, how can you as a contractor avoid project disputes and legal exposure? After all…litigation is not only expensive, it impacts project and operational efficiency.

Join industry expert and construction litigator Jason Spencer for a free online training webinar examining how the proactive use of specialized project management platforms helps protect both you and your organization from construction project disputes and litigation, while boosting cost savings and efficiency.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the latest technology available to the commercial construction industry, and how these platforms can help contractors manage and document their projects to avoid costly construction and infrastructure disputes. We’ll also take a look at how specific training and investment in construction project management technology not only facilitates key risk avoidance processes by shielding you from the dark side of litigation, it also streamlines operations and protects from the negative impacts legal disputes can have on work flow and operational efficiency. Throughout the webinar, we’ll weave in real-world case studies and examples of how contractors are protecting their business and bottom line by leveraging project management technology to succeed in the modern, face-paced and rapidly changing construction industry.

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