Storms and Catastrophic Events

The importance of documentation before and after an event.

When planning a construction project, potential disasters are typically the last thing on developers’ minds. No one wants to think too much about the many types of catastrophes that could threaten a building project. Yet, risk management due diligence is an important component of the process. With serious investment on the line, having a disaster recovery plan is a must for all construction projects. So how do you prepare your projects?

Hear from experts at Multivista, Procore, and AON on the importance of documenting conditions prior to storms and immediately after. Learn specific tips on:

  • How to assess your company's readiness
  • Assessing damage (remotely or otherwise)
  • Validating your insurance
  • Justifying financial or schedule impacts
  • Expediting rebuilds
  • How tech can aid disaster planning and relief

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