Benchmarking Productivity on the Jobsite

With new tools and technologies emerging everyday, do you know exactly what software your business needs to invest in to drive efficiency and productivity?

Current industry leaders have gained exceptional insight and are willing to give you the inside track as well. In this webinar led by Dustin Burns of McCownGordon, you'll learn:

  • How to identify at least three new types of tools that construction firms are using to track cost, schedule and other productivity metrics
  • What circumstances you need an Internet connection to track jobsite productivity
  • The best ways to avoid “garbage-in, garbage-out” issues with data acquisition
  • How to implement production tracking and benchmarking tools on a construction project

Walk away with expert professional guidance so you can feel confident in employing the best systems to ensure a safer and more productive jobsite (and keep the entire team just a bit happier).

Start here.