What the Trump Administration Will Mean for the Construction Industry

Experts Weigh in on Construction Sector Impacts in the New Administration

Incoming President Donald Trump has promised a big infrastructure investment plan and vows to undo key business and environmental regulations long on the books or under way but that many in industry say are expensive and impact project development or job growth.

This webinar will discuss the biggest opportunities, and risks, ahead for firms and employees in the construction sector, and how key groups are strategizing for the changes they welcome or fear. Industry experts from different sides of the debate weigh in on what’s ahead.

  • What is the scope and timing of the planned infrastructure investment?
  • What regulations will the Trump Administration target first—US and global impacts?
  • What are the new mandates and issues for key cabinet head appointees?
  • What will be the biggest congressional priorities?
  • How are the most affected construction constituencies gearing up for the changes?

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